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Challenges when translating CAD diagrams

2. October 2018

Part of DTP localisation includes working with a wide range of software The policy of our translation agency is to accommodate our customers as much as possible in the field of software processing. In short, this means that what the client sends us for translation is exactly what we return to them. This is carried […]

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The green color spectrum that the human eye perceives

23. May 2018

Tetras Translations uses the color green to represent itself. Green is the color of nature, of peace, and of relaxation. This color is more significant for people than they may think. The human eye perceives green-yellow colors down to the finest nuance. Why? This fine sense of vision goes back to our evolution. Over half […]

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The importance of ethics and the company’s code of ethics

18. May 2018

At Tetras Translations, a company with an international clientele, we try to act pro-socially every day, both toward our customers and toward each other.Generally speaking, few employees can describe terms such as ethics or code of ethics.Today, every profession requires the observance of many laws, standards, and regulations applicable to its performance.This mainly involves technical, […]

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Whispered interpreting

12. February 2018

For some, it is simply strange; whereas for others, perverse enough. Still, whispered interpreting is a popular and cost-effective interpreting technique. Have you heard about it yet? In general, two main interpreting modes are acknowledged – consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter starts interpreting when the speaker stops and lets him do […]

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Public documents authentication II

Public documents authentication II

29. January 2018

The previous blog dealt with Apostille certification that replaces the time-consuming and costly multistep process of public document legalization.  This is also the goal of CIEC Conventions and bilateral agreements between individual states. We will also take a look at consular legalization in greater detail. Finally, some recommendations are added about how to prepare for the […]

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Public documents authentication I.

Public documents authentication I.

8. January 2018

Public document for use abroad in your hands and you are confused about the terms legalization, superlegalization, certification, authentication and Apostille? Do not worry about it. We have prepared a brief overview about international agreements, conventions and present some examples of how to deal with it. Let us start. When we want any public document […]

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