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CAT- and QC- Tools

CAT- and QC- Tools + Tools for terminology management

A CAT tool is a special computer software which not only helps the translator in the translation process but also significantly increases the quality of constantly repeated text. It shortens the time necessary for completion of the translation and to a certain degree, decreases the translation costs. CAT-Tools use different database, internet and cloud technologies, which can archive the text in the source and the desired target language of the translation.

for example: SDL Studio 2017 / MemoQ 8 / Across 6.3 / Transit NXT / Passolo 2018


For QC (quality check) we use a special computer software which speeds-up the process for translators, proofreaders, project managers and also for you as clients. The adjustment and settings possibilities are flexibly arranged, so that we can adjust the entire QC-process to your needs.

for example: Verifika 3.1 / External plug-in modules / XBench


Our clients use terminology from different professional areas. For processing of professional language we use a special software. We give each terminology the necessary time and regularly update and correct it. The definitions, clarifications and figures for certain terms are saved in the terminology database.

for example: SDL MultiTerm 2015/2017