We translate into all languages, so that your products can be exported world-wide with flawless manuals and documentation.

We pay attention to each translation’s completeness and precision, as well as conformity to technical terminology and observance of international standards. Our colleagues and collaborators are all native speakers of their respective languages.


Tetras Translations also offers you technical documentation services:

1. Analysis, structuring and standardization of data

2. Single-source publishing — A documentation system that allows export from a primary source to more than one format. This allows content changes to be made in one place. For example, from one source, different output formats or identical formats can be generated that differ only in their graphic design.

3. Content Management (a complex of processes and technologies that support creation, management and publishing of data in any form or any medium.)

4. Training, seminars and workshops

5. Information searches, editorial work, layout and illustration, cross-media publishing

6. Information maintenance and management