Tetras Translations is an international company with 20 years of experience. We can provide you with professional interpreting, a full range of translation, localization, DTP services as well as technical documentation services. We are fully focused on your requirements and individual needs. You can always rely on our precise, conscientious, high-quality work.

When it’s time to translate, go with Tetras

As an international organization headquartered in Munich, with branches in the United States, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland, our customers can be found on every continent of the world. We are proud that since 2012 we have been ranked among the TOP 100 best providers of translation services around the world.

We work with translators, editors, technical experts, specialists and scientists in more than 40 countries, and always use a native speaker of the target language.

Our 23 in-house translators and external collaborators translate about 549 language combinations for almost 6,000 customers worldwide.

We don’t just translate manuals, but also provide excellent translations of websites, webshops, marketing material, brochures, export documents and other documentation.

We work according to ISO standards 9001:2008 and 17100:2015 to ensure quality and your satisfaction. Your translations are done by qualified translators, reviewed by editors with the same qualifications, and monitored by trained project managers.

Tetras project managers actively participate in verification processes — that includes inspecting proper use of work procedures and their conformity to the documented information.

Regular training — our project managers are kept well up to date with innovations in the technical programs they need for file preparation, quality control and terminology management, and they can use them effectively when implementing your requirements.

Organizations and associations


Globalization & Localization Association (GALA) – This organization’s purpose is to become the mouthpiece for the translation industry and the resource for language companies. GALA publications, online training, events and other network and development programs help language professionals improve individual and organizational services to meet the needs of multilingual markets. TETRAS has been a member of GALA since 2015.


The TEKOM Association for Technical Communication, which we joined in 2006, aims to strengthen the position of technical editors. They work to ensure that technical documentation, such as descriptions of technical devices, systems and equipment, is clearly understandable to the reader. This technical and professional association also offers consultation and collaboration in the field of technical communication.


We are a member of the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies — the umbrella organization for national associations of translation agencies throughout Europe. They strive to promote higher quality standards and proper business practices. They work to improve the technical education of translators all through Europe.


Our branch in Slovakia, TETRAS s. r. o., has joined the Association of Translation Companies of Slovakia (ATCSK), which was established in 2006. It brings together providers of translation and interpreting services and organizes exchange internships for young translators and interpreters, among other programs.

CAT- and QC- Tools + Tools for terminology management

A CAT tool is a special computer software which not only helps the translator in the translation process but also significantly increases the quality of constantly repeated text. It shortens the time necessary for completion of the translation and to a certain degree, decreases the translation costs. CAT-Tools use different database, internet and cloud technologies, which can archive the text in the source and the desired target language of the translation.

for example: SDL Studio 2017 / MemoQ 8 / Across 6.3 / Transit NXT / Passolo 2018


For QC (quality check) we use a special computer software which speeds-up the process for translators, proofreaders, project managers and also for you as clients. The adjustment and settings possibilities are flexibly arranged, so that we can adjust the entire QC-process to your needs.

for example: Verifika 3.1 / External plug-in modules / XBench



Our clients use terminology from different professional areas. For processing of professional language we use a special software. We give each terminology the necessary time and regularly update and correct it. The definitions, clarifications and figures for certain terms are saved in the terminology database.

for example: SDL MultiTerm 2015/2017