translation providers

All translators and translation agencies we work with must undergo selection and inspection processes. Then they reach the “initial contact” stage. They will not receive the “new translator” status until their test translation has been scored as “very good” by the reviewer.

If you would like to become our translator, connect with our vendor manager ( and you will be provided with login data to the vendor portal.

During our many years in the business, we have built a database of the best translators, which we continuously update. The translators we work with are native speakers of the target language.

To work on technical documents, the translator must have a technical education (university degree in translation or a university technical degree). They must also be able to demonstrate at least two years of professional experience. With translation agencies, we work under the same conditions as with freelance translators. We insist that agencies comply with the standard ISO 17100:2015 and have an ISO 9001 compliant quality management system.

For follow-up orders or regularly repeating translation orders in a specific language, we work with an in-house translator, who works exclusively for our agency under a work contract.